Butcher Aprons

Butchers’ Aprons have been around for hundreds of years and are an iconic feature of a butchers’ or “livery” uniform. Dating back to 1540, the custom of wearing a butchers’ apron was initiated by ” The Butchers’ Guild” – a group of butchers (who still exist today) in England specialising in all things in Butchering.  The custom goes like this – qualified butchers who had “earnt ” their stripes would wear the wide blue and white striped apron while apprentices had to wear a thin striped apron. Either way, wearing a striped apron meant you were a meat specialist!

Today, butchers’ aprons are worn by chefs, cooks, waistaff, bakers or anyone in the food game and of course butchers! Our version of a butchers’ apron is made from the same durable, versatile fabric that is perfect for the working kitchen. While most of our aprons are specifically designed for front of house or waitstaff, T-Bone is suitable for both going from the working kitchen to the dining room!

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