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Custom Aprons Australia - Delivered to your Door

Posted: March 23, 2018
Category: Apron
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Custom Aprons Australia - Delivered to your Door

Looking for custom aprons or apparel for your Australian bar, wait or service staff?

Whether you’re seeking a new apron design or a complete refresh you want to be sure you stand out with workwear that reflects the identity of your brand or business.

And the best thing? Our range is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, which enables us to keep an eye on quality while keeping prices affordable!

Custom aprons can give your business the edge

Did you know that a set of custom aprons could help you create the right image for your business and brand, but also give you the edge on your competitors and drive customer loyalty?

And there is evidence to back this up! Global market research company J.D. Power and Associates found that people overwhelmingly prefer to deal with someone wearing a uniform. They convey a whole range of positive associations, including a higher work ethic, trust and confidence. The study also found that people also tend to expect higher quality of service and a better product from uniformed staff, especially from people employed in the service, hospitality and food service sectors. Wearing custom aprons could also help:

  • Improve customer service by making staff instantly identifiable

  • Promote your brand

  • Reinforce your brand presence

  • Improve staff morale and team spirit

Our commercial range of work aprons are modern and designed for wait staff, bartenders, bakers, barbers, florists and anyone else in between. These include hardy denim work aprons, that are every bit as fashionable and dependable as your favourite pair of jeans.

And because we are a local business we can meet and create exactly what you need.

Why do we use denim?

Denim is valued for being a robust, durable textile that makes it well suited to workwear, including full bib aprons, dungaree denim aprons and mini waist aprons. Denim was originally developed as workwear, and only became popular as everyday fashion wear much later.

Denim is a cotton that utilises a heavy twill diagonal weave to achieve the unique feel, while traditional blue denim gets its rich colour from indigo dye. This was originally sourced from the Indigofera tinctoria plant, but today most denim is dyed with a synthetically made dye. Denim is also mixed with a similar weighted white yarn, which gives the textile its characteristic look. It can also be mixed with other materials, like Lycra, to enable it to stretch and be more versatile.

Customise your aprons

Looking for customised aprons or workwear?

We are happy to tweak our range or refresh one of our existing styles.  We can work from Pantone PMS to ensure we get your brand colours just right, and even develop a new logo or artwork for your business. We can also personalise your apparel with embroidery and screen printing to add that special touch to your aprons.

In terms of the workflow, we work with your budget from concept development, taking note of all your special requirements, before we present you with initial samples. You can then make any amendments or changes before we produce your order.

And because we are a local Aussie business you can easily reach us throughout the production process.  

We then use a door to door courier service that delivers to all Australian major cities.


Aussie made, competitively priced

Not only are all our fabrics sourced from local suppliers, but they are also made right here in our workshop, giving us total control over workmanship, delivery and quality control.

That means you're not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting great products with service just a phone call away. We are also committed to keeping our product range affordable, with competitive pricing and fast turnarounds on your order.  

Contact us on 02 8006 1155 or email us at custom@theapronstudio.com.au with a brief outlining your requirements. We will get in touch to discuss your concept and talk you through the process.


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