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Custom Made Chefs Jackets - Delivered to your door

Posted: May 17, 2018
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Custom Made Chefs Jackets - Delivered to your door

Thanks to their uniforms, everyone can spot a chef by their iconic chefs jacket.

From the crisp white jacket and the houndstooth-patterned pants to the towering “toque blanche” hats, the iconic look has signified prestige and professionalism since it was first designed in 19th Century France. They’re outfits that might dictate how customers judge the quality of your food and they control the fate of your restaurant. Basically, a chefs jacket is not only noticeable, it’s very important.

But it’s not just about looking classy or professional. Classic chefs jackets also serve a function of keeping the masters of cuisine safe from the dangers that come from being in a kitchen.Whether it’s to shield from splatter or be heat and fire resistant, every panel, seam and fabric choice exists to ensure a chef remains safe and burn free.

How A Custom Design Can Benefit Your Business

While it may appear that chefs jackets are a “one size fits all” design, the reality is that a truly functional jacket should match the kitchen it is in. As chefs specifically have a variety of different environments they each work in, they each have different needs. For example, a double-breasted jacket is handy in a high-octane kitchen full of many spill-able ingredients, as the buttons can be moved over to disguise the stain, but a single-breasted jacket may be better suited to someone who needs to be allowed lighter, freer and easier movement.

But a chefs jacket can also be an opportunity to further brand your business, tailoring a chef’s look to fit who you are and what you’re about. Maybe you want a more laid back look, or to really up the ante and ensure your chef looks just as fancy as your table settings.


We delivered our first Custom Design chef jacket and Executive Chef David Tsirekas from Universal Hotels is currently on tour wearing his Hawaiian themed jacket loudly & proudly!

What The Apron Studio Bring’s To The Table

The Apron Studio custom designs chefs jackets to have more of a tailored look with comfort being just as important as style. Made with superior materials than the mass produced options, a mercerised cotton drill fabric is treated to specifically give the garment extra strength, more durability, extra shine and therefore last longer. This means you’re saving money in the end by investing in quality and it will be obvious as the fabric has the benefit of simply looking better than its' cheaper counterparts.

Being a chef means working long and strange hours. We understand that, which is just another reason why we have chosen cotton. The reality is, 100% cotton simply releases stains easier than poly blends. When you’re busy and tired, being able to get your work clothes ready as easy as possible is the best news you can hear all day.

The Apron Studio also offers hand covered fabric buttons, an apron strap holder and you'll be able to spot our jackets easily because of a unique straight point collar rather than the more traditional Mandarin collar.

Australian Made, Just Like Your Food

The Apron Studio is about Australian made quality. While we are supporting local businesses by ensuring that they are well dressed and comfortable, buying local means your small business is supporting another small business. It’s a win-win situation! The Apron Studio firmly believes in sourcing local materials and producing Chefs jackets that are as Aussie as a meat pie made by the chef wearing it!



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