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Quality and manufacturing

Our aprons are designed with waiters, baristas, gardeners, woodworkers, ceramicists, hairdressers, barbers, artisans & home cooks in mind..

At The Apron Studio, we aim to provide you with high-quality aprons that wear well and are built to last. We source the best materials available from local suppliers and our machinists are highly experienced and produce superior workmanship.  We are proud of our products and guarantee our workmanship and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your apron, we will repair it or replace it free of charge!


The Design

Designer aprons have experienced a renaissance and have become an essential feature highlighting ones’ style and aesthetic. Our team at The Apron Studio invest a lot of time and passion into the design process. This is a long journey!

So way before your apron made it to production, it would have taken many trips to the drawing room. Factors like current trends, suitable fabrics, threads and accessories were all put under the microscope before production even began…

The Fabric

Choosing the appropriate fabric and weight for each design is paramount as the final apron needs to be comfortable to wear, aesthetically appealing and suitable to get the job done! Most of our fabrics are 100% cotton but occasionally we use a cotton blend depending on the intended use.

The Straps

We use herringbone webbing made from 100% cotton for our neck and waist straps. These are made in Australia by a manufacturer who ensures outstanding products that have been accredited and tested for strength, durability and surpass their competitors. Straps are reinforced with extra stitching to keep them stable and sturdy.

The Stitching

Your apron will experience hardship in its’ lifetime and in order for it to cope, it needs to have a strong link! We use high quality German sewing thread that is core-spun. The core thread is made from polyester while the dual outer layers are made from cotton making this thread 50% stronger than conventional threads.

Pocket corners are bar tacked to keep them stable and sturdy.

The Hardware

To complete the look, we use Antique Brass rings and adjusters for the neck ties that are resistant to rust and tough as. The antique brass colour compliments all of our designs.

Your TAS Apron…

We’ve spent many hours working on our aprons to ensure you receive a product that is sturdy, functional and on trend!

We hope you love your apron just as much as we do,

The TAS Team xx