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Who we are

Since 2015, we’ve been creating functional and fashionable aprons for every occasion but our journey to open the Apron Studio started well before then.

Our CEO Norma is a former food personality and food writer for Feast Magazine. The mum of two has spent most of her life in the kitchen, working professionally for private events and enjoying her time off by entertaining friends and family. Norma is recognized for her innate ability to turn beautiful fresh produce into mouthwatering delights and has hosted a series of food tours and exclusive dinner events. She has even launched her own specialty range of Lebanese products.

Norma, sick of destroying her clothes, wanted to wear an apron in the kitchen but there was never one that embodied her as a domestic goddess and as such, The Apron Studio was born.  In 2015, Norma was inspired to design modern aprons that were both functional and fashionable. She released a range of high-quality aprons for the home cook that looked chic, but performed in the kitchen as well.

Our CEO has the upmost pride in her work and knows high quality tools can make all the difference, so at the core of The Apron Studio is our desire to inspire you on your culinary journey in the kitchen.


It was only natural to expand our repertoire and create utility aprons. Designer aprons have experienced a renaissance and have become an essential feature highlighting ones’ style and aesthetic.

Our Australian designers scour international trends and create aprons that are contemporary, functional and can withstand the rigours of a busy environment. Our objective is to maintain the same high standards ensuring every item goes through a two-step quality process. Our philosophy remains the same and our passion is to deliver aprons that are modern, innovative and on trend.

Every detail is considered! The fabric, the trims, the thread, the hardware & stitching are all crucial in delivering a piece that is stylish and stands up to the task!

At The Apron Studio we love to work with all artisans: florists, butchers, carpenters and hairdressers to name a few. We have a wide range of styles to suit your taste and reflect your brand and our specialty is to custom design utility aprons giving you and your business a one-of-kind edge.

The Apron Studio is proudly Australian made. We are committed to keeping our product range affordable with competitive pricing while supporting local industry.

We are proud of this and hope you appreciate us,

The TAS Team xx